Building New Homes with Pier and Beam Foundations

How Good Are Pier and Beam Foundations

The most vital step when it comes to building a new house is the selection of the safest and most efficient foundation for your home location. Researching on foundation bases is important in making sure that your new house’s structure is sturdy. Some contractors are well-informed regarding foundations and can assist you in choosing the best for your house. On the other hand, there are can be several of them who may pour the foundation of their choice without discussing it with you beforehand.

Pier and beam foundations are rated a few ranks higher than the slab-on-grade foundation, in many parts of the country. Such types of foundations entail a crawl space, which is typically at least eighteen inches and installed beneath the house, and the footings poured with concrete in order to prop up the perimeter and internal footings. It may not be considered as a time-efficient task, but it is much safer and more practical. The crawl space permits access to plumbing and heating utilities without needing to break into the concrete slab.

pier and beam foundationThese are less prone to damage due to ground shifting, which is an issue that many homes with slab foundations go through. If an extreme ground shifting does take place, the foundation can be easily corrected, a procedure that is much cheaper compared to slab foundation repairs.

Moreover, because this style foundation allow homeowners to walk on a hanging wooden platform, they do not place too much stress on their joints, which is why these are preferred by many people suffering from back pain.

In general, pier and beam foundations are used for houses constructed in the northern part of America since the climate involves freeze and thaw states. Such state needs the foundation to be constructed deep into the ground. The safety advantage of such deep foundations is the fact that they are hardly ever affected by changes in the climate. In addition, in areas prone to ground shifting and expansive soils, this type of foundation is the most suitable and longest-lasting option. These foundations are preferred by many of the top rated custom builders.

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