These Advantages Far Outweigh The Use Of A Slab On Grade Foundation And Here Are Some Reasons Why.

It is not recommended for concrete that are already cracked or chipped as its signs are an essential part of your parking lot structure. A floating minnow bucket or battery powered aerator will come in handy for keeping your to a spot we–my wife and I–both agreed looked promising for both of our preferred fishing […]

Estimating the Cost of Foundation Repair

 Tips on the Cost of Foundation Repair Home foundation repairs may be costly, but are highly necessary. In spite of such expenses, it is not a task to left undone. You may not find cracks in the concrete, but you noticed plumbing leaks or water seepage of the like within your home. Unless you are […]

Foundation Repair Legal History

 Foundation Repair Forensics One of the earliest taped legal codes managing building was that of Hammurabi, the well-known Babylonian Master. His legal code concerning building specialists was completely straightforward:.  “If a professional constructs a house and it breaks down eliminating its owner, the contractor will be eliminated. If the boy of the owner is killed, after […]

Dallas Home Inspector Indentifies Foundation Problems

Soil Expansion and Contraction Can Do Extensive Damage To Your Foundation and Structure Homes built in the Dallas, Fort Worth Metroplex are built on varying types of soil including clay. Home foundations built on clay can move with the moisture levels in the soil. This movement will cause damage to the foundation that can be […]

Testing for Plumbing Leaks

Testing for Plumbing Leaks Video Rating: 5.0 / 5

Evaluating Foundation Repair Proposals

A Guide to Evaluate Foundation Contractor Proposals There are a number of factors can cause damage to the home particularly its foundation. Cracks and leaks are just some signs of foundation damage. A slight damage to your house foundation can lead to other problems such as insect infection, leaks, collapsed walls, leaks and many more […]

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