Techniques and General Cost of Slab Foundation Repair

Overview of Slab Foundation Repair

The price of a slab foundation repair differs significantly depending on the technique used. Each of the techniques of repair differs in the disruption of the internal structure, surrounding landscaping; also note that they may cause damage to the utility lines as well, if not executed properly. For instance, slab piers may be among the most costly techniques for fixing slab foundations, but they also have the best ability to bring the slab foundation back into place. The price of such type of repair is frequently influenced by a lot of factors, such as the state of the slab foundation, the conditions of the underlying soil, the position of the structure, materials, hours of labor and so much more.

slab foundation repairOne technique of repairing slabs is foam jacking, which involves lifting and raising the settled slab foundations by injecting high density polyurethane foam beneath them. As the foam expands, it pushes the foundation back up. Such lifting is placid and is done over a huge area, which ensures more uniform lifting compared to other techniques.

Another means of foundation repair is called mud jacking. This technique lifts and raises the settled slab foundations through injection of sand-based grout beneath the foundation. The pump’s mechanical force is responsible for pushing the foundation back into its place. This method tends to be rather messy, which is why it is usually reserved for the unoccupied areas of the house or sidewalks and concrete driveways.

The next technique involves pushing and driving concrete or steel piers into the soil. A hydraulic jack is then attached to the pier’s top part in order to lift the floor. On occasion, the slab can crack using this technique so experienced professionals are critical when using this procedure. This is often the most efficient and long lasting technique.

The last among the types of slab foundation repair is replacement, which is the most costly out of all the repair techniques. It is incredibly destructive, as well, and may cause future issues with the other structure parts if they aren’t properly braced whilst the concrete is taken out and replaced. Except in the most unusual cases, this option is not recommended by reputable foundation repair companies.

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