Water is the Culprit in Most Home Foundation Repair Problems

Leaky Pipes, Drainage and Home Foundation Repair

The most common perpetrator for foundation problems is water. It can build up in the soil around the foundation, causing it to expand and put pressure on the foundation footings and walls, and causing cracks to show up. You need to be certain that the land around the foundation is correctly graded, and that all downspout drains and gutters are in good functioning order. The ground must slope at least six inches for every ten horizontal feet.

Almost all foundations need to be equipped with a perimeter drain structure, like a French drain, which channels subsurface water away from the foundation. This drain may become obstructed, causing water to collect in the soil. If you suspect an obstructed drain, then you need to hire a home foundation repair expert.

home foundation repair

A foundation that is severely cracked, or is bowed or tipped, needs substantial support in order to avert further damage. From the inside of the walls, you will need home foundation repair using steel or wood braces, carbon fibre mesh, or wall anchors along the whole wall.

A newer alternative that is much cheaper involves applying epoxy in upright strips, then pressing on carbon fibre mesh in order to secure the wall in proper position. Wall anchors are much like big bolts. They include metal plates inside your foundation walls and metal plates within your yard. Such plates are attached by steel rods that are horizontally buried. Gradually, the connectors are tightened in order to straighten and alleviate the wall.

If drainage problems, like a clogged gutter, or a damaged water pipe in your yard caused water to cascade along a perimeter foundation enough to damage an area, you definitely need to have a home foundation repair performed. If not, you might have to tear out a portion of the foundation, and re-pour and tie a new portion with epoxy and rebar. Basic repairs using lumber and concrete may cost from $500 to thousands of dollars. You just need to make sure that the main cause is repaired first, or the refurbishment won’t last.

Water leak detection and correction as well as fixing any drainage problems is part of the service provided by Foundation Repair Pros Dallas.

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